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  • Candle Diffuser Floral

Candle Diffuser Floral

  • Product Code: AD320
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  • $110.00

Unlike a traditional candle, the Candle Diffuser is flameless - emitting only a cold vapour - therefore it is the very first candle of its kind.
The cold vapour ensures any essential oils used in the unit are experienced in their purest form.
The Ultrasonic Candle Diffuser is safe to place in any room and is functional for every member of the family. It is dynamic, acting as a vaporiser, ioniser, air purifier and night lamp, with a multi-coloured led light creating a stunning atmosphere. For peace of mind there is also an in-built safety feature, ensuring the unit will switch off automatically when the water depletes 

Our range of six perfumes have been specifically formulated to enable use with the Candle Diffuser, for those who prefer to replicate the scent of fragrant candles resulting in a beautiful pure perfume scent in their home or office. The range of Diffuser Perfume Oils can be viewed here -
Diffuser Perfume Oils

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